Welcome to

Newburyport Community Media Hub!



New Name! – Newburyport Community Media Hub
New Location! – 331 High Street, Suite 2
(adjacent to Senior Center)
New Programs & New Website Coming Soon!


Comcast  Channel 8
(Public Programming)
Comcast  Channel 9
(Government and Educational Programming)




WJOP 96.3 FM
Low Power Community FM Radio





Newburyport Athenaeum
Virtual Digital Learning(Coming Soon!)





Packet Post
Citizen Journalist Blog (Coming Soon!)





Sun Gear Connect
NCM Outreach Connector (Coming Soon!)





Newburyport Community Media Center, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, is the designated Public, Education, and Government (PEG) cable access provider serving Newburyport, Massachusetts. We cablecast local, regional, and national programming on Newburyport’s Comcast Cable Channel 8 (Public programming) and Comcast Cable Channel 9 (Government and Education programming). Channels 8 & 9 reach  7,200 households, as well as all of the nursing homes, schools, Anna Jaques Hospital, and numerous businesses in Newburyport.  Much of our programming is not available from any other media outlet. We stream our live programming on our website.

Newburyport Community Media Center, Inc., also holds the license for Joppa Radio -WJOP 96.3 FM. This low power community radio is transmitted from Newburyport High School and can reach listeners within a 3-10 mile radius.

Newburyport Community Media Center, Inc. has been d/b/a PortMedia and has recently changed our legal name to Greater Newburyport Community Media Hub, Inc. We are relocated at 331 High Street, Suite 2, adjacent to the Newburyport Senior/Community Center.

Membership is open to individuals who are interested in producing media content for distribution to the citizens in the Greater Newburyport area.  Individual memberships are $55/year for adults, $45 for Newburyport residents and $35/year for students and senior citizens age 65 +, $25 for Newburyport residents. Organizational memberships are available. Please call for details.


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