Submit Your Bulletin Board

If your non profit organization would like to post a Public Service Announcement on our Video Bulletin Board, please follow the requirements below and email your jpeg file to We can only accept png or jpegs files. 

Bulletin Board Requirements:

  • 800px wide x 600px high (4:3; landscape)
  • png or jpg format (NOT pdf)
  • less than 500KB filesize
  • less than 50 words
  • no lettering smaller than 30 point
  • use a simple sans-serif font; Arial is good
  • use very simple graphics, in high-contrast with the font (light letters on dark background, or vice versa)
  • print out should be readable from 10 feet away, in 10 seconds

Your content should contain:

  • Short name or title of the event or announcement.
  • Name of the organization hosting the event
  • Day of week, date, time, and duration of the event.
  • Location of event.
  • Brief summary of event.
  • “For more info:”, your phone, email, website.

Your content should not contain:

  • Any reference to fees, ticket prices, costs, dollar info etc. Instead, say “For more info …”

Here is a nice example of what your bulletin board submittal should look like:

Bulletin Board Example

A good example of what your submitted bulletin board should kind of look like.






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