Our programs are on Comcast Channels 8 & 9, if you missed something you may find it here. If you cannot locate a program contact David Cramer at davidc@portmedia.org

DVDs of any program are available for a fee of $10 each. Annual NHS Promenade & Graduation is $25 and includes shipping.

If you would like to be notified when PortMedia is Live on YouTube, please subscribe to our YouTube channel .

Click on the playlists below and you will be redirected to PortMedia YouTube.

Community Productions – This is where you should find everything except the specific playlists below.

Newburyport City Council Meetings  – Playlist includes all joint meetings with City Council.

 Newburyport High School Sports – We do not post the current games until season has ended. DVDs are available.

 Newburyport School Committee Meetings  – We include Whittier Tech meetings.

Media Production Tutorials & FAQ – A brief look at some of the elements of media production.



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